Espace Musées - Aéroport de Paris

Abstract Art in the 1950s - Collections du Centre Pompidou

Charles de Gaulle airport, terminal 2

February 5 - September 10, 2018

The Espace Musées museum area at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport will be playing host to the Pompidou Centre until 10 September 2018. The "L'Art abstrait des années 1950" (Abstract Art in the 1950s) exhibition, put together by the Paris Museum of Modern Art, shows a selection of 20 emblematic works taken from the post-1945 abstract movement in Paris. The Espace Musées was inaugurated five years ago, in January 2013, with its first exhibition "Rodin, les Ailes de la Gloire" (Rodin, the Wings of Glory).

In this new exhibition, the Pompidou Centre gives visitors the chance to see masterpieces by major artists of main trends in abstract expressionism, such as Auguste Herbin, Nicolas de Staël, Serge Poliakoff and Georges Mathieu, as well as through the works of Jean Arp, Jean Atlan, Olle Baertling, Roger Bissière, Alexander Calder, Jean Dewasne, Simon Hantaï, Richard- Paul Lohse, François Morellet, Aurélie Nemours and Judit Reigl.