The Archives Simon Hantaï, created in 2013, is an endowment fund aiming to ensure the conservation of Simon Hantaï's work and bring it to the public eye through various initiatives such as exhibitions, publications and conferences, loans of works and the catalogue raisonné.

The Archives Simon Hantaï administers the artistic property attached to the work of Simon Hantaï and issues certificates of authenticity. They preserve the archives, the library, the photo library as well as a significant body of the painter's work.

If you would like further information, or wish to inform us of the existence of documentation and archives relating to Simon Hantaï's work, or of any errors or omissions on this website, please use the “contact” form.

Catalogue raisonné

The Archives Simon Hantaï are presently researching Hantaï's paintings in preparation for a catalogue raisonné. If you are a current or previous owner of one or more of Hantaï's paintings, please provide information on the artwork in your collection by clicking here. All information provided will remain strictly confidential.

Certificates of Authenticity

Only the Archives Simon Hantaï can issue certificates of authenticity.
To obtain such a certificate please contact us.