The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Simon Hantaļ in Touching the Void

MoMA, Floor 4, 11W 53rd St, New York

January 14, 2020 - December 0, 2024

As part of New Art from Wall to Wall, the Museum of Modern Art is presenting never-before and rarely shown works in themed, reimagined collection galleries. The gallery Touching the Void explores an important artistic tendency of the 1960s: a shift away from the idea that art should express the artist's interior life. Works in this vein searched for a poetics of bare form and focused on structural elements such as line, plane, and volume. Whether strict or playful, the work of these artists tested the meditative possibilities of objectivity, challenging viewers to heighten their sensory perception. Blancs, 1973, a work by Simon Hantaļ is included.